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Essen, Germany
May 2-6, 2017

Soudronic and sustainability

Soudronic and sustainability

For some years now Soudronic has championed the claim of steel tinplate to be one of the most economical, environment-friendly and sustainable forms of packaging available to manufacturers today. And there is no shortage of reasons.


EMPAC metal recycles forever

The 0.100 network

As part of its drive towards thinner and lighter cans, Soudronic recently joined forces with two German companies that enjoy high prominence in their respective fields: Rasselstein, headquartered in Andernach, is one of Europe’s three largest tinplate suppliers, while Stuttgart-based KBA-MetalPrint is a leading manufacturer of decorating press and coating line machines.


Soudronic in Switzerland

Located in Bergdietikon near Zurich, Soudronic in Switzerland is the industry’s premier source for canbody welders, bodyformers, two-piece canmaking and endmaking systems. More


Cantec in Germany

Cantec in Germany is a leading manufacturer of rotary canmaking systems for forming, flanging, beading and seaming cans as well as multi-die end presses. More


Ocsam Cepak in Italy

Founded following the merger of two separate Soudronic companies, Ocsam Cepak in Italy is a leading manufacturer of high-quality slitter and transfer systems that cover the entire speed range from low through medium to high. More


Sabatier in France

Sabatier in France is one of the world’s premier suppliers of complete production systems for industrial packaging. The company produces stand-alone machines and takes over responsibility for large customized turnkey projects. More